• Survivors are uniting

    Make history with us

    Across the globe
  • So the truth gets heard

    We're a Power House

    Joining our voices
  • Survivors helping survivors

    Igniting the world

    An Irresistible Force
  • From desolation

    We bloom

    Creating joy
  • Empowering each other

    We strive

    Breaking the silence
  • Drawing strength from each other

    We inspire

    We renew
  • We are all connected


    United Forever
  • For the world & each other

    We rise

    A healing force
  • Making beauty to survive

    We open worlds

    We illuminate
  • Sharing our lives with courage

    We connect

    Our truth heals
  • We vanquish shame

    With love & power

    Speaking into the silence
  • Changing images, renewing lives

    We thrive

    We shine
  • For one another

    Is our strength

    Our compassion

Survivors Helping Survivors Thrive